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Maybe solo travel isn't so bad after all - Traveling with family. 10/13/19

On the road again, it feels so good to be....actually, it feels like a lot of work and anxiety to be on the road again. You may wonder why it feels like this. I will tell you why. I started planning my 'winter' migration about a month ago, with my father. My dad is at a time in his life where he can take some days off of 'life' and tag along with me to explore the U.S. for a little. When he first expressed interest in joining me on a road trip I was pretty excited but I wasn't sure if it would really happen. As days ended and weeks past he showed greater interest in joining me and committed to joining me on a leg of my trip.

After some back and forth, being wishy-washy, and guessing, he expressed that he wanted to see South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, & Yellowstone. This is great news, because I have been to these places, I love them, and I know what to expect. I genuinely had no issue going back to any of these places because I enjoyed them so much. The only prob…

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